"I didn't know how I was going to tackle organizing the "end of my life" but soon after Nancy walked through the door, I thought 'where have you been all of my life' and I can't say enough of how fabulous she is and what she did for me and my family. We started with photos and went on from there."
R. Riley, Tiburon

"With total kindness and professionalism, Nancy made the "in case I die too soon" message to my kids ...fun. I found that saying what I feel and want for their future was gift.  It is easier to do with her guidance than by myself.  I'm so glad I did it."
J. Goldberg, San Francisco

"Best photos I've ever had taken of me for my website--and then a session with my whole close family--11 people!  Nancy made both events creative and tactical delights. Unforgettable results!  The eye of an artist and the heart of a healer and the brain of an organizational wizard, Nancy is gifted beyond belief! Truly!"
B. Bowles, San Francisco

"I worked with Nancy and highly recommend her. She is creative, spontaneous, highly professional, yet relaxed and intuitive. I felt "gotten" right away with who I was. The end result was fantastic, very professional, yet candid. Most importantly the images felt true to who I am. It was most importantly an enjoyable experience; I was laughing most of the time. I will use Nancy again and continue to recommend her to people."
J. Benioff, Sausalito