Planning Services

Seven Ponds: Embracing the end-of-life experience CLICK

Helpful Documents

  • Five Wishes from Aging with Dignity CLICK
  • Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatments (POLST) that you and your Doctor sign together CLICK

Links for Green Burial Options

  • Mushroom Burial Suit from Jae Rhim Lee & COEIO - be a Decompinaut!!   CLICK
  • The Order of the Good Death: A Mortician Talks Openly About Death, And Wants You To, Too - interview with Terry Gross CLICK


  • A self-written obituary that went viral CLICK
  • Wall Street Journal on estate planning CLICK
  • NPR "Helping Families Have the Most Difficult Conversation" CLICK
  • PBS segment on the "Conversation" CLICK
  • My work at hospice in video CLICK
  • Memory Well CLICK